Neighborhood Tour

Visit Arrendale Heights! In the future I'd like to offer more pictures and details of the residents homes, but for now here's a map of the neighborhood and a list of who lives in each house.
  1. Martin-Ramone (Andrew, Shayna, Julian, and Meghan)
  2. Arrendale (Lawrence, Artie, Lance, and Lorna)
  3. Burroughs-Broadsworth (Simon, Reese, and Natalie)
  4. Kitteridge (Blaine, Cassandra, Brooke, and Doug)
  5. Community Center with recreation areas and offices
  6. Unoccupied 
  7. Varner (Logan, Vanessa, Jenn, Will, and Cynthia)
  8. Stuart (Lucy, Vince, and Maura)
  9. Wilton Park
  10. Spencer (James and Chloe)
  11. Wilton (Edward, Alma, Jeremy, Judith, Joseph, and Jacqueline)

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