Sunday, June 4, 2017

Episode 27 - The Concert

Maura practically skipped along the sidewalk on the way to the concert, smiling all the way as she chattered happily to Judith, Jeremy, and Vince. In her excitement she was oblivious to the existing tension between Jeremy and Vince. The two boys were silent as the group walked together. Jeremy’s dirty looks toward Vince didn’t go unnoticed by the senior and were returned just as bitterly. The chilliness between them seemed to thaw when the group arrived at the park where concert was to be held.

A crowd had already gathered, the lights and the sound system were being tested before the show, and the sense of excitement in the air was contagious. The rivalry between the two boys was soon set aside and they were starting to get excited for the show.

“I’m going to stop by the restrooms before the show starts,” Jeremy announced once they had found a place to stand and watch the show.

Seeing an opportunity, Maura jumped on it. “Oh, I’ll go with you!” she quickly volunteered. When Jeremy gave her a funny look she hurried to clarify. "I mean I'll walk over there with you. I need to go that way myself."

Jeremy's shrug was all the encouragement Maura needed. She followed closely at his side as they walked across the lawn, only looking back briefly to grin at Judith victoriously.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Episode 26 - The Carnival pt. 2

Natalie stood bewildered as she watched her stepmother hurry away from the carnival. She wasn't sure of what to make of what had just happened.

"That was weird," Meghan declared, breaking the silence that Cassie's sudden departure had left behind. "I wonder what she saw in your palm. It must have been something-"

"It wasn't anything," Chloe snapped, abruptly cutting Meghan off mid-sentence. "Cassie just wasn't feeling well. Her leaving suddenly has nothing to do with Natalie or the palm reading. I don't want any of you thinking anything like that, so just drop it."

"She's absolutely right," Lucy chimed in, supporting Chloe's statement. "There's no point in trying to make more out of this than it is."

Monday, October 19, 2015

Episode 25 - The Carnival

"I want all of you to be ready to go by the time your dad gets home," Jolene called up the stairs at her charges. "That means you have about ten minutes."

Ten minutes, she thought to herself as she quietly slipped into Lawrence's home office and closed the door behind her. She probably didn't even have that long, but she'd have to do what she could.

"Your husband has to have something in here, right?" she said to Eileen's portrait on Lawrence's desk as she opened the top drawer of the cabinet he used to store his important documents.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Episode 24 - Schemes

Alma set at the desk in her husband's den with a stack of half graded papers in front of her. She was finding herself too distracted to get much work done. Her mind kept going back to lunch last week with Mr. Clark, Mason. They had such a great conversation about books and plans for the school play. It wasn't hard to see why most of the women at the school found him attractive. He had a smile that kept finding its way back into her thoughts.

She felt so honored that he valued her opinion enough to ask her to help him choose a play for the drama club to perform this semester. Her mind was swimming with possible choices. She didn't want to let him down.

She tried to shake the distractions out of her mind and focus on the work in front of her, but before she could get back to work, she heard a crash in the next room, followed by the shouts of her children and the voice of her husband.

"The two of you are getting too rowdy in here. Your mother is trying to do her work. You both need to go outside and play or find something quiet to do so that you don't disturb her. She's done so much for all of us over the years, the least we can do is help her be able to do what she wants to do."

Alma heard the door shut and then the house was suddenly silent.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Episode 23 - Drawn Lines

"How are you doing, Vince?" Mr. Gregory asked as he looked over Vince's shoulder to take a look at the painting he was working on. "That looks really good, so far." He paused, examining the piece further. "I think this might be a good piece for the art show. Keep it up."

"Thanks," Vince muttered, but as Mr. Gregory walked away he beamed with pride.