Character Guide

Meet the Families

The Wilton Household

When she was younger, Alma May was an elementary school teacher who had to give up her job to care for her aging, ailing mother.  After her mother died, she was courted by her mother's former physician, Edward Wilton.  Enjoying her newfound freedom, Alma was reluctant to settle down, but the fear of ending up alone, prompted her to finally accept Edward's marriage proposal.  After 18 years of marriage, they have four children, sixteen year old Jeremy, fourteen year old Judith, eleven year old Jospeh, and nine year old Jacqueline.

The Stuart Household

Lucy Stuart grew up in a well-to-do family.  Her father was a successful businessman and her mother's family owned the local country club.  She was on her way to finishing medical school when she met and fell in love with musician, Craig Sexton.  A series of family problems and marital problems led to an affair that resulted in an unplanned pregnancy, the end of her marriage and the loss of her family fortune.  On her own with a toddler and a newborn Lucy was forced to start over and make a new life for herself and her children.  She is grateful for the help and support from her two best friends, Eileen and Chloe, who helped her with her children while she went back to finish medical school.  She's proud that she's been able to give 17 year old Stuart (Vince) and 15 year old Maura a good life, but she knows that they miss having their fathers in their lives and she worries about Vince being mixed up with the wrong crowd and getting in trouble in school.

The Arrendale Household

Lawrence Arrendale started his adult years with nothing, but rose to the top of the business career by becoming president of the Townsend Corporation.  He married the girl of his dreams (and his boss's daughter) Eileen and had many happy years together until their time together was cut short by a tragic accident.  Since the loss of their beloved wife and mother, this once happy family has never been the same.  Lawrence and Eileen have three children, the upbeat and adventurous thirteen year old Artie, the serious and moody twelve year old Lance, and sweet, girly-girl ten year old Lorna.

The Martin-Ramone Household

Andrew Martin met and fell in love with his first wife, Amanda, while they were both working at the Townsend Corporation, he an executive on his way to becoming vice president and she a receptionist.  Their marriage fell apart after Amanda's desperation to have a baby caused her to resort to lies and schemes.  After their divorce, Amanda discovered she was finally truly pregnant, but the marriage was unable to be salvaged.  Amanda maintained sole custody of their daughter, while Andrew forged a new relationship with Shayna Ramone, a successful business woman with a son from a previous relationship. Fourteen year old Meghan has recently moved in with her father, Shayna, and Shayna's sixteen year old son, Julian, in order to attend the coveted Bay Pointe Academy.

The Kitteridge Household

It was love at first sight for Cassandra when she met Blaine, but not for him, since he was already in a committed relationship.  She remained persistent and once the relationship ended, she got her man. Blaine is a computer technician while Cassandra is manager at her old friend James' nightclub and books musical acts to play in the club.  Prone to psychic visions since she was a child, Cassandra has learned to control her gift and has tried to use it to help others.  Blaine and Cassie are parents to two preteens, Brooke and Douglas. 

The Burroughs-Broadsworth Household

Reese Burroughs was a young lawyer who fell for computer tech Blaine Kitteridge when they were researching a client (as well as Reese's past.)  She discovered she was pregnant only after they broke up and kept the news a secret from him since she had planned the give the baby up for adoption.  After the adoption plans fell through and the baby was born premature, she changed her mind and decided to keep her daughter.  She wanted to tell Blaine the truth, but backed out when she saw Blaine had moved on with Cassandra Barrett.  She left Bay Pointe and raised their daughter, Natalie, on her own.  Only now, that Natalie is fifteen and Reese is engaged to businessman Simon Broadsworth, has returned to Bay Pointe where Natalie's father still lives with his own family.

The Varner Household


Logan and Vanessa met when he was a cop on the police force and she was an actress who was being harassed and kidnapped by her ex-husband.  Now they are both retired, he from his dangerous work in the SCIA, and she from her acting career.  They were unable to have children of their own since they didn't find each other until later in life, but they have a full household raising Logan's thirteen-year-old niece, Jenn, and their two adopted children, Will and Cyndi.

The Spencer Household

Chloe and James have been in each other's orbit for ages.  She was a fan of his way back when he was just starting out as a musician playing local clubs.  Eventually they got together, married, and have had a solid relationship for many years.  James still works at making a living as a musician, but has stepped back from the limelight and focused on running his own club.   Chloe has a successful business as a party planner.